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Scratch 3.0 is Here!

Scratch 3.0 Editor

The source code is available at github and requires node.js, the roadmap is here.

Scratch Information

Added a scratch version of the Rainfall Problem, but currently it does not check that input is a positive integer, which is part of the specification.

Scratch is a programming language, that makes it easy to crate your own games and animations.


Snap! formerly BYOB is a drag and drop programming language. It is an extended reimplementation of Scratch - using Javascript and running in your browser.

Its good to see an implementation that isn't dependant on a close source implementation. I would recommend snap over scratch partly as it works in the browser, but also it does not rely on flash which is a security threat.

This page lists some of my scratch files:

File NameFile Type
GameReport.docLesson Documentation File
LESSON1.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON2.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON3.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON4.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON5.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON6.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON7.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON8.PPTLesson Presentation File
LESSON9.PPTLesson Presentation File
baby_appear.sbScratch Game / Program File
ball_bounce.sbScratch Game / Program File
ball_bounce2.sbScratch Game / Program File
curriculumhunter.sbScratch Game / Program File
dice_roll.sbScratch Game / Program File
hangman.sbScratch Game / Program File
pong_broken.sbScratch Game / Program File
rainfall_problem.sbScratch Game / Program File
shapes.sbScratch Game / Program File
snake_ladder.sbScratch Game / Program File
snake_ladder2.sbScratch Game / Program File
wk10-discussion.htmlScratch Game / Program File

You are free to use these files, but please attribute them to Fred Crowson. Thanks.

The shapes.sb file is for drawing simple shapes, in the logo approach, it currently only draws a square, triangle and hexagon, more shapes to follow.